Crede Provides "Data Analytics Business Solutions" Using Machine Learning Algorithms For Risk Intelligence and Marketing

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Grow, Protect, Comply with Legislation
CredIS Early Warning and Intelligence System sheds light on risk professionals with its yellow and red cards.

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CredIS plays role at every stage of the receivable cycle by performing risk assessment.

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Know Customer, Know Supplier, Know Dealer
CredIS shows relationships that are invisible at first glance with the advanced intelligence structure.

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Crede Reads Data!


CredIS focuses on public digital data and extracts knowledge from these data, using machine learning.

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Finding Potential Customer

Crede helps B2B sales departments to reach their true potential customers.

Customer Alarm System

Crede services acknowledges when there is a change or move at your target segments.

Data Enrichment

Crede adds 1 TB data to its database daily by crawling digital business world and enriches your database by most up to date data.

Customer Unification

Industry agnostic unification algorithms finds the repeating customer records at your database.

Product/Channel Optimization

Crede identifies the best product-channel match for your corporation and delivers the channel migration plan and executes.

Customer Segmentation

Crede performs customer segmentation in different dimensions such as risk, sales, promotion, loyalty and value in line with your strategies.

Customer Retention

Crede delivers the tailor-made customer segmentation on risk, sales, retention, loyalty based on your corporate strategy.

Fraud Forecast

Crede develops tailor made fraud algorithms by enriching your data with Crede Data. These algorithms can be used areas such as financial fraud, insurance claim, telco customer acquisition.

Collection Management

Crede, In order to make your collection processes more efficient, categorizes the people or institutions you owe in different dimensions such as payment probability, recycling probability and determines the appropriate actions for their profiles.